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Hello, I'm David Burnham. Welcome to my own web site. After years of people pestering me for this, I've finally arrived on the World Wide Web. I hope you're all happy. Don't worry I'll be adding more animation and other things for you to play with. In the meantime, have fun exploring.

Movies, Movies, and Movies

Below are lists of my movie reviews. I've had to sit through some bad cinema, not to mention cell phone calls, talkative audience members, and various assorted nonsense to bring you these reviews. I've seen the movies so you don't have to, or maybe you'll want to. Enjoy!

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My poor hometown of Niagara Falls, NY has been in the doldrums since I was 8. I continue to return hoping things will turn around. Click here for some local attractions not found in any tour brochures.

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Click below to see my cartoon page.

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Rocketship 7

If you were in Western NY in the 60's and 70's you may recall a morning children's TV show. Remember Promo the Robot? What about Mr. Beeper? Who could forget The Sweetleys (I could). Blast off to the Rocketship 7 page.










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